Nepal Education Fund

 Today we met early with Carol and Keith and brought them to the office.  They brought with them 170 kgs of clothing.  We had some children come to the office for clothes and then went to visit their sponsored children, Pinky and Santi.  They enjoyed their visit very much.  Pinky is the name of their fund in Qatar which raises the money for their children and projects here.  It is the Pinky Fund, Friends of the Qatar Wooden Spooners. 

I wrote about Pradip a few days ago and his brother Sandip who did not have a sponsor.  Carol and Keith wanted to sponsor him so we went to visit him also.  Sandip was one of the first children I sponsored but left school a year later.  In Kathmandu people are cremated at the temple of Pasupatinath. After the bodies are burned the remains are swept into the river.  Here street children dive under the water with a magnet hoping to find gold jewellery  from the bodies.  This is what Sandip did after he ran away from school and home.  He then went to live in the village for one year and his mother said that changed him.  Today he is a good student attending school regularly. When we arrived he was at a friend’s home studying and getting some help for his studies.  I really believe he will now go onto college.  He is just going into class 8.  Carol and Keith are very happy with him.
Photos are Keith with Sandesh and Puja at the office, Keith wearing his keta scarves given to him by Mann and Jagat.  Carol sorting out the clothes she brought for the children.  Carol and Keith with Sandip.  Carol and Keith with Pinky.
Tomorrow we take Prakash to see the opthamologist at the eye hospital.

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