Nepal Education Fund

Carol and Keith are donors and sponsors from Qatar and they come out to visit all their children every March.  It is always a great pleasure to see them and spend a few days together.  They and their friends sponsor 15 or 16 children here.  They also have helped Pumbi Bhumdi and Gunjara schools with rebuilding.  They also have provided two library’s and a science lab to schools.  They are continuing to help fund the Pumbi Bhumdi School new improvements.  They raise money in Qatar with their Pinky Fund, named after one of their sponsored children.  Also from the Qatar Wooden Spooners rugby club and other friends.  We thank them for their continued support.  All the red shirts have also been donated from Qatar.  They are school uniforms from schools that no longer need them and most are brand new.  We will look forward to seeing them again next year.

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