Nepal Education Fund

Medical Help

When any NEF children are faced with a serious illness or accident we try to help. One little had a serious eye condition that required injections at the eye hospital. NEF and her sponsor paid for this treatment and she went on to full recovery. Very recently we have had a child with a kidney […]


We have in past years provided dentistry programs with great success. We have provided dentistry to schools and remote villages. We have used local dentists and also had a visiting dentist from the US. This year, starting March 2024, we are going have 3 local dentists provide their services to the students of Chandoswory School […]

New website is coming!

I just want to say how excited it is going to be to have a website we can keep up to date and share with you the great stories that we have had over the years.

Visit with 4 children

Arrived in Nepal after the usual long journey.  Yesterday visited one family with four children.  Today we are going to three schools. I am still having problems posting here.  So keping this short to see if this works.  I will try posting photos later.

Internet problems

It is very difficult for me to post here as I get the whole post almost done and lose it, not sure what the problem is.  So I have to make this fast.  I am just posting some pictures of a school in Nuwakot where NEF is providing a science lab and furniture.

Chandoswory School

This is the school we have built with NEF earthquake funds.  It is in the village of Tupche in the district of Nuwakot.  The school was destroyed in the earthquake.  The building consists of five large rooms.  Some volunteers from England are going to paint it and we have money left over to do some […]


A lot has happened in the last few days including a visit to Nuwakot where we visited village schools and saw the school built with our earthquake funds.  We travelled for many hours by bus over two days.  We have donated money for a science lab at one school we visited.  This is a donation […]

Visiting Schools

Today we visited two schools out at the village of Hattiban.  This is a beautiful village and it is always a pleasure to visit here.  Chalnakhel school is where the Duncan Rotary Clubs installed railings and doors and windows a few years ago.  The children we sponsor in Hattiban were badly affected by the earthquake […]


Today Sabitri, our blind student, came to visit us at Ram’s office.  I will never know how she navigates the Kathmandu traffic, I have a hard time myself.  Sabitri is in a Master’s program, she is very bright.  She is still waiting to hear whether she has a teacher position at a village school.  We […]


One of the sponsored children that we saw today was Chring.  He is one of our success stories.  Chring comes from an extremely poor family with an alcoholic father.  The family has had much misfortune.  Chring lost his closest brother in age to untreated ear infection that caused a brain infection.  His baby brother was […]