Nepal Education Fund

We had the ceremony this morning and they named the Sunar’s baby boy, Milan. The ceremoney was a lot to do with cow dung and urine and the nine planets. Nine balls of cow dung represent the nine months of pregnancy. These are then burnt and also some dung is spread on the ground and the baby held above it while milk is poured on his head and feet. A lot of chanting goes on and urine and water thrown about.

Rice tikas for everyone and small money. I think I will keep mine as a souvenier. It lasted a long time but it was outside and it was sunny. The priest asked me if we did this in my country and I told him no. Christian Baptisms just use water on the baby’s head. I must say this was more interesting. Tomorrow Milan’s name might be Kusal although his formal name will always be Milan because the priest has proclaimed it so. His name had to begin with an M because the astrology charts said that.

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