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The Chalnakhel Village School, near Hattiban is outlined earlier in this blog.  I am happy to report that the Duncan Daybreak Rotary Club and the Duncan Noontime Rotary Club have partnered to complete this  school project.

The school’s second floor has been unfinished for the last three years.  The government gave the money to start it but even though the teachers and villagers put in money there was never enough to complete it.  The balcony had no railing and children had fallen off and broken limbs.  It was a horror story.  The railings have already been constructed and will soon be installed as will the grills for the windows.  There is enough money to finish the rooms, put in the railing and gates, finish the latrines and provide desks.  The school is very happy about this.  It is a government school catering to very poor children and low caste children.  There are approx. 180 students.  Because they have been short of space they are having to use the upstairs unfinished classrooms.

Our thanks to the Duncan Rotary Clubs again for helping school children to have a better and safer environment. 

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