Nepal Education Fund

Yesterday we went to visit Chalnakhel School.  Duncan Daybreak Rotary paid for work to be done here earlier in the year by making new railings on the balcony and stairs, some new desks and upgrade to the nursery class with carpeting, painting and a table.  They had a little ceremony for us which was lovely and the children had made us many, many homemade flower malas, so beautiful.  The Principal told us the children had been excited for two days.  This is a very poor school in a Nepali village with many poor children.  It is the class one room that has no desk as posted below in previous post.  The school still needs lots of work in the way of painting, more desks, staff room furniture and desperately needs some teaching aids.  They are really trying and have managed to get a compound wall built with funds from the village community.  We have two little girls sponsored here Mehek and Radhika.  The school now goes to class 8 and next year class 9.  I think they will have a good future if the get the help they need.  They are also teaching the children about recycling and picking up litter as can be seen on the wall painting.  This is very necessary in Nepal.

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