Nepal Education Fund

Yesterday four children, Ayusha, Nikisha, Apshara and Ankita, came to visit at our hotel.  I needed to take photos of them for their sponsors.  They are sponsored by John and Jane of Pro-Partnership, Qatar.
All are very poor children from the village.  They were very excited to come into Pokhara and were very fascinated with the para gliders.  During midday there are several hundred of them and the sky is filled with coloured wings floating above the lake.  We bought them some lunch and they also enjoyed my iPad.  I put their photos on there so they could look at them.  Pumbi Bumdi village school, Shree Bhagawati Primary, is a government school but the best I have seen and these children all speak some English quite well.  I did not have time to visit the school this time owing to the strike.

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