Nepal Education Fund

We have quite a few students needing sponsors.  Most of them are older in the higher classes or college so the sponsorship will be short term.  If we do not get sponsors we have to pay for them out of the fund which is quite draining on our resources.  These children had sponsors but have lost them and some NEF has been paying for them for two or three years.  Some are here in Katmandu and some in Pokhara and I will going there in a couple of days.  These ones are in Kathmandu.

First is Shailindra in class nine, very bright student.  He will be starting class 10 next month, cost $125 for the year and the two years college at $ 350 per year.
Next is Bijaya Lama.  He has one year of college left at a cost of $350.  Bijaya has been with NEF for many years and is a good and regular student.
Binod class 8 at private school so cost is $350.00 per year, good student.
Prabu, from the first family ever sponsored by NEF.  Has two brothers and a sister all who have done well through NEF.  Private school $350 per year.  Class 9 so four years left.  
These boys are all good and regular students and we have to continuing helping them to finish their education.  Any help would be appreciated.

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