Nepal Education Fund

One of the sponsored children that we saw today was Chring.  He is one of our success stories.  Chring comes from an extremely poor family with an alcoholic father.  The family has had much misfortune.  Chring lost his closest brother in age to untreated ear infection that caused a brain infection.  His baby brother was adopted to a family in Spain.  His two older brothers quit school early and became labourers.  His older sister left the family and was educated by another family.  I often see the father drunk on the street but he is very proud of Chring and his continuing education.  They move often from one drap room to another.  Now Chring can talk to me in fairly good English.  Thanks to NEF Chring will complete his education and be able to get a job and help his mother.  Chring always seems happy and has a big smile.  Many thanks to his sponsor.
Sorry but I cannot upload photos from my ipad at the moment.  I have tried for hours and it is not working.
Chring in runner’s donated shirt.

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