Nepal Education Fund

The electric is going off regularly now for about 3 hours at the time, nearly every evening making emailing difficult. Trying to e-mail this before I go out today. I did email some stuff last night but lost it all. I have a new little boy at the orphanage I think I am going to match him with Gary. He is a very shy little boy called Purjal and is 6. Just started him in nursery class the other day. He is a little sweetheart and needs to know someone cares for him.

Today I am going to start doing Yoga with the kids, I think they will enjoy it. I have been running regularly lately. Today I did an hour and ten minutes. Many hazards like rocky roads, traffic, dogs and people. Kamal who runs the shelter is up to 36 minutes now. His father is coming soom and he runs an hour and a half everyday. I am going to see 7 children today and will have to pick from some of them for sponsors. Better go as Kamal will be waiting. We have to go to the village of Hattiban which is quite a way.

Love Susan

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