Nepal Education Fund

As you will remember and from the posts earlier in this blog, Daumaya has been very sick with cancer and spent many months away from her children while undergoing treatment at the cancer hospital in the south of Nepal.  She returned home a few weeks ago and is looking very well and is even doing sewing work.  She had to return to the cancer hospital this week for a check up but hopefully  everything is okay.  The family is so happy to be together again and the girls have their mother back.
A big thank you to the sponsors who helped pay for her treatment and as you can see it has been so worthwhile.

I am returning to Nepal in November for a short time.  I am leaving mid October and can only take letters on this trip as we are going to another destination first.  If you wish to send a letter please get it to me asap.  I will be visiting NEF projects, the literacy class and some of the children while we are there.

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