Nepal Education Fund

This afternoon the free dental camp was held at the school.  Seven dental staff came and it was very efficiently run.  Over 80 children and some women were seen.  Tomorrow we have to meet with the dental team at the hospital and go over which children need treatment and how much it will all cost.  The Kantipur Dental Hospital have said they will give us a good discount which is generous of them.  The dental hospital bus will pick the children up on Wednesday and treat as many as possible on that day.  There is the same hospital in Kathmandu so we will be able to have the same program there.  As usual I am amazed at the poor condition of the children’s teeth.  One four year old little girl needs ten fillings and gums are infected and she has a lot of pain her father said.  This dental program is an excellent one and I just hope we can keep raising the money for it so that the children can be seen at least yearly otherwise this is all in vain. Photos later.

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