Nepal Education Fund

Yesterday we drove by bus to this beautiful village high up and on the Royal trek route so named because this is the route that Prince Charles trekked many years ago.  The views are stunning.  The people were so grateful and happy that we came.  105 patients were seen mostly children.  We had three dentists attending, Dr. Kamal, Dr. Pranov and Dr. Jeff.  It all went very well.  We gave out the last of the clothes that I brought to Pokhara and had enough for all the children.  One embarrassing moment when the Teighnath, a Rotary member who was handing me the clothes, held up a pair of my  lacy underwear that had got in the bag by mistake.  Of course there happened to be only men in the room!  We had another laugh when a man who really wanted to be seen had no teeth at all and dentures we have not seen anywhere.  Dr Kamal checked a lot of adults for blood pressure incl. us.

I also checked the school again as I was here two years ago and they are hoping for some help.  This is another school that the government gave money to for some new rooms but not enough to complete them.

Today is the festival of color so I am going to go for a run early and hope I do not get covered in red color.
Later I am going to a new area to start a new women’s literacy program.

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