Nepal Education Fund

First I am having serious computer problems and one of the photos that was supposed to be below did not come out so will try again tomorrow.
It was a very successful dental camp today and we saw 250 women and children.  220 of those need treatment.  Also Craig checked 50 people’s eyes and gave out a lot of eye glasses.  So it was a full day as we also visited the dental hospital.  The dental camp was held at the school.  Nearly all of NEF children here in Simpani were seen.
Tomorrow we leave to go   to Beni and the following day we hike up to Chimkhola so I will post some more photos here tomorrow if I can and then I will be away from computers for six days. 
Yesterday we visited the village of Gunjara which is a very poor and low caste village.  It was a wonderful day and the villagers went all out for us, making us a big lunch of Nepali food.  Dag fit in very well eating Nepali style with his hands.  NEF spent $500 on the roof last fall and now have another donation of $300 toward the roof.  We need about another $1000 to finish the roof and buy some more desks.  They are waiting for the wood they have cut for the roof support to cure and will start replacing it when school gets out in a couple of weeks.
Now this shop is closing and I have not eaten yet so will close and hopefully can add some photos later.

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