Nepal Education Fund

Today we had our new dental program at High Mount School in Simpani. Here they call it a dental camp. It was free of charge. Two dentists looked at 65 children and about 8 women. Each person had a form filled out as to what treatment they need. Now Mann is working out with the dentist the cost for the treatment for each child and woman. First prority goes to our 50 children and then our women and if there is any money over some of the others can be treated. The bulk of this money was raised by a local Duncan Rotarian and also some sponsors paid for their children. I think it is an excellent program. Our oldest student, 75 year old Ganga was seen. Seh needs an extraction but she is scared but I think she will have it done.
Some of our Kathmandu children are going to be seen by a dentist there at their sponsor’s request. After everyone was seen we provided tea and biscuits for all and the day was quite an event which everyone enjoyed. The dentist told me that dental treatment has only really been available for 5 or 6 years and there are only 300 to 400 dentists in all of Nepal, 700 to 800 have been trained but half have left the country.
Photos above on next post.

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