Nepal Education Fund

We have in past years provided dentistry programs with great success. We have provided dentistry to schools and remote villages. We have used local dentists and also had a visiting dentist from the US. This year, starting March 2024, we are going have 3 local dentists provide their services to the students of Chandoswory School in Nuwakot district. Most children in Nepal do not have access to a dentist especially in rural areas. Dentists also cost money which our families cannot afford. The children we have treated in the past have very poor dental health. There is a lot of sugar in their diets which contributes to this problem.

Dentistry in Nepal is very new. The first dental teaching hospital in 1996. Since then about 800 dentists have been trained but about half have left the country leaving only 400 in a country of nearly 30 million people. Poverty is rampant in Nepal and providing food for a family is a challenge so a visit to a dentist is rarely possible or even thought of. Many families cannot afford to see a doctor when needed. They also cannot always afford toothpaste.

Hopefully with education at least proper toothcare by way of brushing will help with the decay problem. We are looking forward to a successful program and treating as many children as possible.

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