Nepal Education Fund

The winner of the dinner draw is Mary Vandenberg. Mary is very happy and will enjoy a great dinner cooked by chef Joe Schuckle for herself and five friends. The draw raised $2000 for NEF less the dinner expenses.

We also had another fundraiser last month run by Julie Friesen and her daughter. They arranged a camping weekend with a band and dinner put on by Just Jakes and the profit went to NEF. This was held at Lake Cowichan and Julie says it is going to be a yearly event. This was totally the Friesens idea and they did a great job in putting on this event. Our sincere thanks goes to them for their work and contribution to NEF.

Julie is also coming onboard with us at NEF helping in different areas where needed. I am very happy to have her as I need someone that I can fall back on when I need some help.

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