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It is Dipawali here in Nepal and it is a wonderful festival of light, music, dancing and flowers. The streets in Pokhara have been alive with children and adults dancing and singing. All the shops have candles and lights and flowers decorating their fronts. Tomorrow it is the day when the sisters honour their brothers by giving multicoloured tikas and flower malas. Businesses and government are closed for three days.
Today we were invited to Mann’s parents for lunch, dahl bhat, which is rice, lentils and vegetables. It was a very nice day. Tomorrow we have been invited first to our little restaurant family to share in the tikka ceremony and then to one of our school principal’s home for lunch and their celebrations. It is all very nice.
After this we only have one day left in Pokhara and that day will be spent visiting in Simpani again as we still have families to see and also meeting new ladies for the literacy program.
Tomorrow I will put some more photos on here.

Dipawali ko suva kamana (Happy Dipawali)

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