Nepal Education Fund

The Will Leather Memorial Fund, Qatar is donating a library to High Mount School in Simpani. We have 33 children at this school. Carol and her husband visited this school last week and decided that a library would be a good contribution to this well run school. We really thank them for this as it will benefit 400 children, 33 of them ours. The Doha Rugby Football Centre (Doha RFC) Qatar also sponsored a child here.
Today we have been visiting children in central Kathmandu and giving out clothes.
Joe Simpson of the Duncan Daybreak Rotary left for home last night, the last Rotarian to leave. He visited our office yesterday and really liked our suburban location. Joe loved every minute of his visit and took thousands of photos. He enjoyed the people best of all.
We hear that the sewing shop is really busy and that we need to hire another seamstress for this month at least because there are so many customers coming for school uniforms. This is very good news in our first week.
I am trying to get a few photos out to sponsors but please be patient electric is very limited here.

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