Nepal Education Fund

As you all know by now about the terrible earthquake in Nepal and the huge crisis there.  We do not know at the present time if all our families are okay.  We know the ones in Pokhara, Hemza and Pumdi Bhumdi are fine but the worry is Kathmandu.  We have heard from some.  We know that two families have lost their homes in the village of Hattiban in the Kathmandu Valley but we do not know about others yet.
Dave, from New Zealand, who is still there and Mann are renting a 4 x 4 tomorrow and driving to Kathmandu with basic supplies like food, water purification tablets, tarps, blankets, ropes etc.  They are going straight to the village of Hattiban where we have about 25 children sponsored.  Asmita and Rose having lost their homes also.
Mann was on his way to Pokhara when the earthquake hit.  He was in a microbus at the time.
All our NEF staff are okay.  Mann’s family is at a mushroom farm under their awning for the mushrooms.  Last night a house near our office collapsed and seven were killed.  So everyone has to sleep outside.
Water is at a critical state in Kathmandu with all water now contaminated.  I am having computer problems here and keep getting signed out of this blog.  I am pasting the Fundraiser link.  Please also see our Facebook page:  Nepal Education Fund.  Will update here later.

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