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Thursday the 10th is election day here. It is the first democratic election here in Nepal although by our standards it is not truly democratic. The Maoist leader has said he will not accept the results if his party does not win. There have been candidates killed and beaten up, there is much intimidation and rallies are crashed by opposing parties. There is now a five day holiday leading up to the election and on election day no traffic will be allowed on the roads. There is a large police presence on the streets now. Who knows what will happen. I am sure there will be violence but it all depends on the results. If the Maoists do poorly they have threatened even more strikes and upheaval than before. Only time will tell. After the election it is New Year here so actually government offices and schools are now closed for 10 days. This is just the time I need to be working the most with registrations etc but I can do nothing now other than family visits.
Government presence has been lacking badly, it is like there is no goverment at all. With so many problems especially the rising prices and shortages of rice and other food there should be some action but nothing. All commodities are still in very short supply. Hopefully the election will be successful in that it will be peaceful and the country can get back to business.
I have now left the orphanage as the donor’s employee has arrived so I am at the Kathmandu Guest House. I really miss everyone as it is my second home. I also miss my 6am yoga class which I enjoyed every morning. Saying goodbye is always hard. I now can spend a few days catching up with computer work.

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