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Just a couple of days left to the payment deadline.  Please if you have not sent your payment in we would appreciate receiving it very soon.  Thank you to everyone who has sent theirs in.  Payments have come in earlier this year than ever before but we still have quite a lot outstanding.  If you do not wish to continue sponsoring your child please let us know so we can rematch him or her with a new sponsor. 

The Literacy Program is being renamed for my friend’s sister who died tragically in Nepal last week.  She had wanted to be a teacher in the literacy program but became very unhappy in a recently arranged marriage and took her own life.  Sangita had to move to her new husband’s village many miles away from her family and live with his family who she did not know.  She was 23 years old and to quote from my friend “her leaves were still green and her mind so vivid, she always dressed well and liked to wear jeans”.  She was indeed a beautiful young woman who I remember as always having a smile. Sangita represents women in the third world and their lack of choice and freedom.  This will only be changed by their education as a whole empowering them to make the changes they so need to make to better their lives and their future and that of their daughters’    Our program will now be called Sangita Literacy Program for Women.  The family is also setting up a bursary in her name to educate girls in her home village.  Hopefully NEF can make a donation to this.

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