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Yesterday was the Shrivaratri Festival which is Lord Shriva birthday.  Thousands of people and pilgrims come to Kathmandu to the Hindu temple of Pashupatinath where there are hundreds of holy men and they give out canabis free.  It is too dangerous to be on the roads and it is a drug free day.  The children also get involved by holding ropes across the road and you have to give them money to pass.  I went for my run very early in fields but on my way home had to pay a few times with rupees I carried in my pocket.  Mann and I went to visit Kamal and his orphanage in the afternoon and were stopped on the motor bike and at one point another motorbike did not stop and pay but crossed slowly over the rope then the children pulled the rope tight in front of the back wheel which topped the bike and its riders to the ground.  I jumped off the bike to assist but they were okay just shaken up a bit and the children fled.  It is just crazy.  Often children get killed as the ropes get tangled in the vehicles and drag the children.  Thank goodness that festival is over for this year.  Responsible parents, like Jagat, do not let their children do this.

At the orphanage NEF sponsors 6 children and they are remarkable kids.  One boy Prakash is having severe eye problems and his sponsor is helping to pay some medical costs for him.  We are trying to find a good private doctor as all the government doctors have not been able to help him.  I am trying to locate an eye doctor in Nanaimo, BC who comes here every year to do cataract surgeries and he may be able to put us in touch with a good doctor.  If anyone knows who this doctor is please let me know by email
I will try and get more photos up later as I have to go visiting now.  Hopefully the electric will be on later.

I first must tell you how much joy your letters and gifts bring to the children.  One girl yesterday said to me “do you have a photo of my sponsor”  I said know I did not and her face fell.  When I hand out letters the children eyes light up and they rush to their bed to sit and read them.  If only you could be me at these moments.  Samjhana, downstairs from us, got her first sponsor gift, letter and photos this time as she has a new sponsor.  What joy.  Her sponsor is an airline pilot with Air Canada and sent his picture beside the airbus he flies dressed in his uniform.  You can just imagine what she thought of that.  I think it made her feel very, very special and the shirt they sent her she has not taken off since I gave it to her other than to put on her school uniform and she probably has it under that!!  Her story and photos I am going put up here tomorrow as she leads a very hard life for a 12 yr. old girl.

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