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I did not get to post here yesterday because I left my iPad in a shop and did not get it back until this morning.  Amazingly I did get it back thanks to honest people.  

We have filmed for two days and also tonight did interviews.  I have tried to pick our most successful stories and students to film.  These have included Pradip, now in first year university, the stone quarry families, Ed’s family of Pradip, Prabin and Partima, our blind students Sabitri and Sushant and our very first sponsored family the Ale Magars.  We also went to the Mahalaxmi Nakhipot school where the Rotary project is taking place.  New toilets are in progress and roof repair and a new nursery class are planned.  The children were all excited to take part.
Nick interviewed Ed, Dave, Mann and myself and we all got a bit tongue tied but as it will all be edited we need not worry.  I am post some photos of the filming.  Photos are Pradip being interviewed, everyone was so impressed with this successful young man bottom, top Sandip holding a photo of them with me seven years ago, Sandip went from the street to entering college this year, Rakesh reading his sponsor’s letter with Mann, Mrs. Lama at the stone quarry holding her grandchild, the students at Nakhipot school, the father of Ed’s student playing his Nepali national instrument and singing.

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