Nepal Education Fund

Arrived yesterday and how good it was. My friends, Kamal, Jagat, Ram and Rajinda were all there to meet me. I loved seeing their warm smiles. It was good to see the sun as well and warm weather. They were all so happy to see us that I just felt warm all over myself. The children were all waiting on the step at the orphanage along with Samjhana, Sema and Aama. I cried when I got there as it was all just so emotionally wonderful to be back. The baby is so sweet and so tiny and perfect. Last night electricity was out so we sat by candlelight and talked and it felt so good.

We have one new boy at the orphanage his name is Parjual, age about 6. We have to move very soon. The place is too bad and the owners want it back anyway. No water, no security. I had someone who broke into my room this morning. My fault as I forgot to lock the door. There is a man across the hall from me who is not so nice. So hopefully in a day or two we will move. I have a bad habit with locks and misplacig keys. Fortunately all that was missing was about $30. I learned a lesson from that and will be more careful.


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