Nepal Education Fund

Hira an NEF second year college student.

 Prabu, Parmila, Samjhana Shresta and Samjhana Kharel four of our City Academy students.  Prabu is Pradip’s brother and Parmila his sister.  One of our first NEF families sponsored in 2004.

Below Pradip playing his guitar.  I have featured Pradip on this blog many times before as he is one of our greatest success stories.

Below Sunita Shresta, second year college student.

Today we visited some children in Baneshwor, Kathmandu and also the City Academy School where we have five children attending.  We also visited two of our college students.  These were Hira and Sunita, both have been sponsored by NEF for many years.  I was very impressed with both of them.  They are just finishing their second year of college.  We also visited with Pradip who also has been with us since the begining and he is taking his class ten exam next month.  He is now the man of the family as his father is gone and he is the eldest son.  He played a little guitar for us and told us how he loves music.  He is looking forward to going to college this summer.  Sunita told us she would like to go on to get her BA and become a teacher.  She is such a lovely girl who is 20 years old now and is such a determined young woman who comes from a very impoverished background but who has never given up on her dream for an education.  When not at college she works in her family’s little tea shop.  I am very impressed with these students and it was a good first day out visiting as these students have been with us for many years and I was so happy to see their successes.

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