Nepal Education Fund

This has been a successful summer with fundraising events. First the garage sale which was huge and raised nearly $3000. The Lakeside Bash fundraiser was very successful and raised $2400. Also the fundraiser listed below which raised 1200 for dentistry for the children.
Approx $800 has been raised by our Qatar donors for a library for the Government school in Simpani. Many thanks to them. We still have my marathon to go and I am still taking sponsors for that. Training is going well and I completed 20 miles last Saturday. So we have enough money to pay our admin costs for the next year. It is always a relief to know we have enough money to cover that.

Our two volunteers have just returned from Nepal and worked at the High Mount School in Pokhara for a month. I met with them today and they are two bright young people who obviously enjoyed their time there very much and have lots of great photos. They are going to send me those and I will post some here and send some out to sponsors whose children are in the pictures.

We have 15 students all going to college now and 11 are girls. This is very encouraging for NEF. We can be proud that we have achieved in helping these children to a higher education.

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