Nepal Education Fund

I want to remind all local sponsors about our garage sale on May 30th. If you have anything to donate we would really appreciate it. Now that we are a registered charity in Nepal we incur administration expenses. As you know I do not take these out of sponsor or donor’s monies. So we have to raise these by fundraisers such as garage sales. We have the expense of a small office, salaries, motorbike expenses, internet, auditor etc. We try to keep expenses to a minimum by taking buses whenever possible and not taxis, the salaries are low and our rent for the apartment and office only $70 per month but we do have to operate. We have to keep the charity running for the sake of all the women and children. So any help you can give by way of donated items or help with our sales is very much appreciated.
I have just 11 days left here now and these days are full and busy. I am still seeing families but all registrations are finished now. The weather is so hot, 40 degrees today, so it is very tiring.
Till next time.

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