Nepal Education Fund

Yesterday we had our biggest garage sale ever. It was held in a church hall in Duncan and we had a huge amount of stuff. It was almost overwhelming but thanks to 24 volunteers, all sponsors, it was organized quickly and by 8 pm Friday everything was in place. For the sale on Saturday we had many shoppers all day long and again the volunteers had the place cleaned up and everything taken away in short amount of time. It was an enjoyable day for us, although very busy, sponsors got to meet each other and I met some that I had not met previously.
It was very profitable and we netted $3.021.00 with a couple of bigger items still to sell.
This is our biggest sale yet. I was so thankful for all the help. This money keeps us running in Nepal for a year. It will pay for the administration costs that we do not take from sponsor or donor money. Thanks to all who helped and for all the donations of items that made this sale a success.
The photos tell the story of the huge amount of items we had. Two adopted Nepali little girls, Ali and Maya, who had a great time playing dress up with all the clothes and playing with all the toys.

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