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I am trying this for the second time. Computer and internet problems are a nightmare here.
We visited Gauda Muni school on the second day in Chmkhola. It is a half an hour walk up from Chimkhola. The school is a feeder school for Chmkhola and only has four classes of younger children. We first went to this school two years ago and it was in very poor condition. One of the Rotary members decided he would like to help this school and paid for renovations such as new cement flooring, desks, books, carpet for the youngest children’s room, a drinking water supply etc. Mann’s brother died shortly after our first visit to the school and he was with us at the time. So the donor made it a memorial to Nani. Nani loved and worked with children so it is a very fitting memorial. There was a very touching ceremoney there and those of us that knew him got up and talked about him. The school is looking so much better and with brightly coloured walls for the nursery class and new paintng on the outside, it really looked bright and cheery. A plaque dedicating the project to Nani was on the wall. For the family this is a sense of closure and also an ongoing tribute to their son and brother. The donor will continue to fund the school for a few more years and we really thank him for his generosity. The children and villagers were so grateful and happy, they made many flower malas for us and fed us a nice meal. It was touching and so sincere.
Hopefully I can successfully add some photos here later when the electric is on.

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