Nepal Education Fund

Tomorrow we head back on the bus to Kathmandu. It has been a memorable time here but very hot with all days at 40 to 41 c. The picinic was enjoyed by everyone and I think strenghened our ties even more. I will never forget how hard everyone worked to make it a success. That electrical cable they ran for half a mile just so we could have some music.

I have said my goodbyes there now which is always sad. I have set up a committee of the parents with Mr. Jalari has chairman. He is really happy with his new position. I left him some money to pay for tea and biscuits for the meetings and to pay for phone calls to Mann if he needs anything. I think it is good for them to monitor themselves like this.

Hopefully I have emailed all new sponsors if I have missed anyone please email me. I do not have any contact information for Blaise and Maggie and Alan. Hopefully you are reading this and will contact me or if anyone knows these people please let them know I am trying to get in contact with them.

This photo was taken yesterday morning of all the Simpani children. We forgot to take it at the picnic.

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