Nepal Education Fund

Nearly two years ago I made the trek up to the Chimkhola Village and was saddened to see the lack of facilities at the school. They had a sufficient building but little else. No library, science lab or equipment, no teaching aids, toilets were in very bad condition with no water etc.
I presented this to the Duncan Daybreak Rotary Club and the Duncan noon time Rotary Club and I am very happy to report that they have raised the following funds:

Rotary Club Duncan Daybreak – $ 4,300 US
inlud. a contribution from the mid island group of 17 clubs – $ 1000 US
Rotary Club Duncan noontime – $ 9000 US
Rotary District 5020 1:1 matching grant – $13,300 US
Rotary Pokhara – $100 US

Total – $26,700 US

In March 8 to 10 Rotarians from the local clubs are making the trip to Nepal and up to the village to see the project first hand. NEF is the cooperating organizing with the Rotary Clubs here and in Nepal. We wish to thank them for the hard the work they have put into raising these funds. I am excited that they will see the school and the village and meet the Pokhara Rotary Club who will be responsible for implementing the improvements. I know it will be a memorable trip for them. I will report here later on the project and the trip to the village.

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