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I have not been able to update this blog as I have had no Internet.  The great news is that I have had a donation of $ 1500 rupees towards Daumaya’s treatment.  This really takes a load off me  as I keep thinking  about her. Mann phoned her and she is very happy and cried.  Mann’s baby has had surgery to correct an intestinal problem and is coming along fine.He and Sima are at the hospital all the time.  I will try and go back there tomorrow when I get everything done and then I can say goodbye. 
I have been working with Jagat and we are trying to see the last few kids but it is going to be down to the wire as I leave on Friday.  I will add photos after I leave as the Internet connection is so slow.  I have a long list of things to do and it is so extremely hot.  I went all the way to the bank today on the bus after meeting with one of our blind students only  to find the bank closed because of some holiday that nobody else seemed to know about.  I could not believe it because it was quite a long journey and I just sat there for awhile in the air conditioning as it is in a shopping type mall.  Sabitri, one of our blind students, is in second year university and is a lovely person.  I bought her some lunch and we had a good chat.  Her English is perfect.  She wants to get her Masters in English language or sociology.  I am sure she will.  I took the bus with her to my stop and she held my hand all the way.  I thanked her because she always calls Mann to see how he is and wish him greeting for whatever festival it is.  He appreciates that and she said Mann has always helped her and you must be appreciative to those that help you, same as you and the sponsor.    I love her.  I sponsored the last two children I had sponsors for today so that is finished.  First thing in the morning I am taking Jenny the dog back to the vets at his instruction and then I have another two families to visit etc etc.

I will add photos when I get a good connection again.  The electric is out here for about 12 hours per day and the internet just does not exist anymore at the apartment.  It is getting close to the monsoon and that is why it so hot and at night the mosquitoes are out in full force.

More tomorrow.

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