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The roof that has to be replaced

Gunjara Children

Today we are very happy as we took our friends Carol and Keith from Qatar to Gunjara and they thought it was a great project for them.  This means that the school will get the new roof that it so badly needs and also some desks for now.  Later will come cement to patch the walls and paint etc.  This is my fourth trip to Gunjara and finally we could give them good news.  We made it a low key visit as we did not want them going to a lot of trouble like they did two weeks ago when we took the Rotary there.  Carol and Keith and their two friends from England loved village and were so touched by the children.  They said it was the perfect project from them and so badly needed by the village.  Now the children will be able to go to school when rains.  The work will begin next week.  It was a hot day and it takes all day to go and and come back but it was so worth it and I am so very grateful that they saw the need that I did now a year ago.  I also thank Dilly and BabaRam from Annurpurna Rotary for coming with us, it was BabaRam’s third trip with me and so we are all really overjoyed with Carol and Keith’s decision.  So many thanks to them. 

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