Nepal Education Fund

It is New Year’s Day in here in Nepal. They have a two day holiday to celebrate it. So with the election last Thursday it will have been a six day shut down. I have not been able to do too much except go around visiting with the clothes that Bob brought with him.
It looks like the Moaists will be the winners in the election and what that will mean to the future of this country is anyone’s guess. After a 10 year insurgency the people wanted change but I think that the majority of the population do not understand what comunism can bring.
Tomorrow we are going to visit the Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre again as Chemainus Animal Hospital sent supplies with Bob to donate to them. I am looking forward to showing Bob this great project.
So not much news because of the holiday. On Wednesday we are going to Pokhara where on Saturday we will have a picnic for all the children there.

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