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Today we visited Hattiban and as usual it was a beautiful sunny day.  Every time we go to Hattiban it is sunny and it is so nice to sit in the sun with the children.  We saw all the children except for two who were visiting relatives.  All the schools are on holiday for the two big festivals, Dashain and Tihar.  As usual we bought them pop and cookies and we gave out more of the clothes sent from Qatar.  Rajendra’s wife made us tea and we sat for a couple of hours enjoying the sun and the children.  Hattiban is a delightful village.  The villagers brought us persimmons and pomelos to take home, they grow on the trees there.  So that is our desert tonight.

Children enjoying some snacks

Sushant one of our visually impaired Students

We then visited a school which we had previously we visited in the spring.  It desperately needs some help to finish classrooms and to put a railing around the second floor.  Two children have already fallen from here, one broke a hand and the other a leg.  The second floor was built 3 years ago with some money from the government but there was not enough money to finish it even though the teachers and villagers contributed.  Hopefully we will be able to help them in the future.  This is a government school and the students attending here are all very poor.

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