Nepal Education Fund

Two days ago we went to Hattiban and visited the children and the school. Hattiban is always delightful to visit although it took two and a half hours to get there. First got on the wrong bus and then were held up by a truck that had flipped over on the road. I knew we had to get there as Rajindra had taken the day off work to meet us there and the school had arranged for the new school furniture to be delivered while we were there. I was very pleased with the new tables, benches and cupboards. They were all wood and very well made. The staff and children were all very happy with them and it certainly improved the two classes where they were put, nursery and kindergarten. Bob has offered to pay for the same two classes to be painted and for a rug for the children to have their nap on. This school is so very poor and no foreigners ever visit this village as it is not on a trekking route. I feel our donation here was very worthwhile. Hopefully in the future we can do more. I wanted to put photos up of this but today it does not seem possible again. Maybe tomorrow.
The heat is extreme here and it is exhausting. Today we visited Krishna with his new vegetable trolley. He had just picked it up and so I took photos but with no vegetables. he is going to start using it tomorrow after he has painted it.
Other news is that we have started another tea shop for a lady named Durga. She is a widow with two children. She has an American sponsor who helped her financially with this. We found an exisiting shop for her to buy and she has been busy painting and improving it and although she has only had it for just over a week is doing quite well. I am going to see it again on Monday.
Before this she sanded furniture six days a week so this is a good change for her.

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