Nepal Education Fund

Today we went to visit the village of Hattiban where we have about ten children sponsored. It is a pretty village but very poor. It turned out to be a sad day as one of our children here, Sushant age 11, has gone blind. He did have some probem with his eyes and wore classes but now he can hardly see at all. He could not see my face even though he was standing in front of me. His eye just looked to either side. He wants so much to go to school but cannot now. His mother has taken him to the eye hospital but they say he needs a transplant and how possible is this here I wonder. Tomorrow we have an appointment at a blind school for children to see if they have space for him as his mother says he wishes to go to a school like that. Last year when I saw him at the school he was so happy and very pleased to be sponsored and now he is so very sad.

We visited the school where we gave supplies last year. They very much need some proper tables for the two youngest classes as the kids are just cramped together on some little benches. We are getting a cost on that and I think I will use some donation money for this as the school is so very poor and I think our money is well spent here.

This keyboard keeps sticking so it is difficult. We also visited one of our children’s home, Sanu Maya and bought some groceries from her sponsor. They live and work in a brick yard. Working 12 hours a day to make a 1000 bricks per day and earning $1.50 each.
Photos Mrs. Lama with a pair of Ceevacs donated running shoes. She lives and works at the stone quarrey, Hattiban school and Sanu Lama and part of her family.

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