Nepal Education Fund

Yesterday we went to Hattiban and Chalnakhel to visit our children.  It is always a good day and the sun always shines.  Sitting drinking tea with the kids and sharing time with them is my favourite thing to do.   They are mostly girls, just two boys, and some of the girls are young ladies now, three of them are entering class 10.  Most have been with NEF many years and you their sponsors have been inspirational to them.  Asmita can speak reasonable English and loves to talk to me and yesterday sang to me which was a delight.  An added pleasure yesterday was that we were joined by two sponsors, Sue Darlington and her husband.  They were visiting Anjali who they have sponsored for many years.  Somehow I missed taking a photo of them which was a shame maybe they have one and I will post it later.  We sponsored three new very poor children at Chalnakhel, three young little girls.

Today we have to take a mother to the hospital, there is always at least one person to take to the hospital every year.  They seem to get more attention if I go with them and we actually get a diagnosis then.  The patient does not understand what the doctor is telling them and never ask questions.  Last photo is Mann showing Ridhika a photo of her sponsors in front of a map which shows where they live in Canada and where she lives in Nepal.  Very neat.  I love this photo.

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