Nepal Education Fund

Yesterday was Holy Day a festival which involves colour and water. Small bags of water with coloured dye in them are thrown from roof tops at people below. The water bags actually went on for two days before the festival. Yesterday though it was much worse and colour was also thrown and rubbed in your face and clothes. A lot of people just stay indoors. It is quite a sight to see. Kevin had fun having water fights with the kids at the shelter.

Today we bought a gas stove for the woman in the tiny room and she was really pleased with this. We were going to paint her room but she said if this happened she would be thrown out as then the landlord could re-rent it for more money. The walls and ceiling are black from the kerosene.

The Tamang family’s mother has returned which is great news. We saw her there a couple of days ago. Tomorrow we are returning to Hattiban to see some children. Hope to go back to Pokhara on Wednesday although there are some rumblings about more strikes.

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