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We arrived home from Nepal two days ago.  It was a very enjoyable time although it was difficult to get around because of the election and the ongoing strikes.  From the day we arrived there was a continuous strike for ten days.  We did manage to use motorbikes but it was risky being on the road.  One night we had to wait while a bomb was detonated by the police and there were some attacks on micro buses with bombs.  On election day there were no motorized vehicles allowed on the streets.  I went for my usual run up along the lakeshore in Pokhara which is always a beautiful run in the early morning but on election day it was amazing as there was no traffic.  Not likely to happen again so I enjoyed every minute.  The strike made taxis extremely expensive so we were restricted to where we went and so it was harder to see the children although we did visit a lot.
Trevor and Marnie Watkin and their two children visited for five days and we managed to get them up to Kristi School although it was an expensive trip up to the village again because of the transportation cost.  Trevor and Marnie had helped fundraise for this school building along with their friends the Pollocks.  They were delighted to see it almost finished and donated the money to have the school painted and for some more desks.  This school has come so far since we first saw it three years ago.  Then it was literally falling down and now they have a solid new building.  The finishing touches still need to be done and they need teaching supplies, books etc but at least they have a sound structure.  They expressed a lot of gratitude and said we had also given them inspiration and the villagers then had all helped in whatever way they could.  This school committee is very progressive.  Thank you to the Watkins and Pollocks for making this happen.
We were also very happy with the Chalnakhel school which I wrote about in the last post.  The money has now been donated for the desks needed by the class 1 room.  Many more desks are needed for this school though.
The election in Nepal although disruptive was needed and the result very encouraging.  The Congress Party and the UML Party will merge together and have a majority and hopefully draft the constitution.
The Nepali people are very happy and there were many celebrations in the streets.  Hopefully and finally may they have some stability in their Government and a better way forward.
Bob and I both enjoyed our time in Nepal. it was more relaxed than in the spring and we enjoyed some time sitting in the sun and in the company of Mann and his family.  I will return in three months time.

The Watkins, Jagat, Mann, Susan with the Watkins sponsored family

Kristi School

Class 10 student, Ambika, working at her job preparing vegetables before school

Student at Chalnakhel School

Men up a tree picking a small sour fruit used for making pickles, very dangerous and in bare feet

Prem, Mann & Sima’s little son

Chalnakhel School new railing provided by Duncan Daybreak Rotary

Visually impaired student, Sabitri, with her phone and new talking watch both provided by her sponsor

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