Nepal Education Fund

Arrived here yesterday by bus and it was a good trip, no hold ups.  We brought most of the clothes that Carol brought with us here.  One large carton, 3 small cartons and two big bags and our own packs.  Getting the cartons on top of the bus was a job and one broke open and spilled clothes all over the road.  No problem Nepalis do not get upset about such things but I could not help laughing.  We are going to give these out in the next couple of days and also take some to Chimkhola where we will be going on Friday.  Some members of the Annapurna Rotary are also going as it is the closing ceremony of the Rotary project on Saturday.  I will report on that with photos after it happens.  We now have a very busy week.  I have not had a day off since starting work here.  Tomorrow we take Carol and Keith to Phumdi Bhumdi.

Photos: Loading the boxes, Mann balancing it on his head and top loading boxes in the one of taxes on arrival.  We needed two taxis each end.  A lot of children will be made happy with all these lovely clothes from Doha, Qatar and we thank the people there who donated them.

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