Nepal Education Fund

Last night’s Rotary Ceremony and dinner was a wonderful, memorable evening. The Pokhara Rotarians made us feel so welcome and special and they certainly had made a huge effort to make this a great evening. We were given embroidered Rotary tee shirts with our names on them, flowers and their club brochure and Joe, Dag and I received their club flag. I felt very honoured by this. I did not know that I would have to give a speech but managed it quite well off the cuff. It must be because I can talk about NEF endlessly. We all so enjoyed talking to our hosts and there was so much food and some drink!
This morning we head off to Beni to begin our trek to Chimkhola tomorrow. We have so many people coming now that one of our schools has offered their bus. Today is a holiday for International Women’s Day. Mann mother and father are coming which is great news. Aama has not visited her village in three years. I have assured her we will go slow and help her up there.
I will not be able to update here till we come back at the end of the week.
Things are going very well for this project and NEF. I fee very satisfied with that.

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