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Went to the children’s home this morning and found Jenny, the dog, much improved and walking around the garden looking bright and perky.  That made me feel better but both Mann and I were very tired today.  We visited Aunty Dickie today, one of our favorite ladies and we have sponsored two of her nieces over the years.  She always makes us momos when we visit and her home is very inviting.  She keeps it bright and spotless.  Today we both fell asleep there for sometime but she did not seem to mind, I have known her a long time and she always treats me so well.
Finally we managed to get ourselves mobile again and we went to visit Chring who we have sponsored for many years.  His home is tiny and extremely poor.  He lost his brother a few years ago with a brain abscess.  Some of you may remember.  NEF paid for his surgery but he died a few days later.  The story is further back on this blog..  He died because of an untreated ear infection.  Both his brothers did not finish school but we are holding out hope for Chring who is just starting class seven. He is always smiling and loves it when I give him a piece of clothing.
We stopped by the Kathmandu Guest House on our way home to see Jeff and he introduced us to a mountaineer friend who had climbed Everest five times and is hoping to summit it twice this May.  Then we saw Jitesh who was sponsored through NEF right through college.  He now works at the Guest House on the cooking staff and is taking a cooking course on his off hours paid for by his sponsor.  He is one of our successes.

Chring in a shirt donated from Qatar

Jitesh at work

 Jenny with Mann’s mother who she loves

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