Nepal Education Fund

We are now back in Kathmandu and it is very unpleasant.  There is road construction everywhere and in Nepal that means you tear up miles of road and leave it that way for months.  Although the roads are a horrible mess I have seen no work crews doing anything.  Miles and miles of the ring road are just dirt and the dust is horrific.  The dust along with the regular pollution is just choking.  It is going to be very difficult to get around to see the children.  I definitely will be wearing a mask.  The weather is much wetter and cooler than usual and there is a severe water shortage and of course the electric is off for at least half of the day.  Life is difficult in Nepal.  

Today we went to Hattiban where Jeff did a dental camp seeing 73 children.  We have to go back there on Saturday as I did not get to visit with all our children and give out letters etc.  I also have to visit the Chalnakhel school there.
Jeff working on Anjali and below our student Asmita who is just starting class 10.

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