Nepal Education Fund

Jitesh above and Deepesh below, two of our successful students.

We visited some of the Kathmandu children yesterday who are located in the centre of the city.  All were doing well.  Also saw Uma who I wrote about in the last post.  She is a fine young lady now.  The children are all growing up and some have been with us since the begining in 2004.
When we came home two young men Deepesh and Jitesh came to visit us.  They travelled two hours by bus to come.  I was so impressed with them, they are both in college and Jitesh is also working at a hotel.  They are about 18 and so very polite and respectful.  They have both been sponsored by NEF for many years and their sponsors would be very proud of them.  This morning another young man, Pasang, came to visit and he has just started college.  His father is a security guard at a building site and they live in a tin shack.  He also is a fine young man now.  We tend to focus on girls but our success with these boys is quite impressive.
Today we visited the Kathmandu Animal treatment Centre.  This small charity spay the female dogs in Kathmandu and also treats street dogs with mange and other injuries.  I always enjoy my visits here although it is sad to see the state of the dogs, they are doing great work.  Dr. Keith Grey from Duncan donated several boxes of Advantage Multi which I took and I gave some brushes and pens.  A very nice young volunteer from the US was working there for one year and showed us around.  This charity was started by a British lady and with her work she has stopped over 50,000 puppies from being born and this has stopped the poisoning of dogs in Kathmandu. 

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