Nepal Education Fund

I met Krishna at the airport yesterday while we were waiting for Dave to arrive from New Zealand.  His flight was badly delayed owing to Kathmandu airport being closed again.  We sponsored Krishna and his brothers many years ago.  Somewhere back on this blog there are photos of him with a vegetable cart we bought for his veg business.  He went on to work at the Kathmandu Guest House as a bell boy and now has been promoted to the airport pick up and welcoming job.  He works along side Rajendra who works for us in Hattiban.  He told me how he always remembers those times when we sponsored him and visited him.  We sponsored him through college.  I am sure his sponsor will be happy that he is doing well.  He said it is a special memory to him and asked if he could have the photo of him that I put on the blog.  I said I would find it when I go home.  I always knew that Krishna would do well.

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