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Lori giving out school supplies.
Presenting the school with the “Lakshmi” print by Coco Jones.

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Today we visited Kristi School which is a village with beautiful views over the Pokhara valley and the surrounding Annurpurna mountains.  NEF has been helping to rebuild the Kristi School over the last few months.  Today we took our sponsors Lori, Jay and their daughter Madelynn who had a fundraiser to help this school, to visit there.  also along was another sponsor, Jim and the Annurpurna Rotary.  It was a gorgeous day with clear skies and great views.  There was a small ceremony to thank us and Lori, Jay and Madelynn gave out some school supplies and footballs.  The school committee was very grateful and the little children were very happy.  The enrolment has increased since we started helping from 35 to 59 and will continue to grow as the school is completed.  Lori and Jay said it was the most fantastic, heartwarming and humbling day.

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