Nepal Education Fund

Yesterday we visited the Kristi School and took Marnie and Trevor Watkins there as they have helped with fundraising for the rebuilding of this village school.  It was a special visit and everyone was impressed with the effort of the school committee with the impressive job they had done with limited funds to rebuild the school.  We gave out uniforms from a school in the Cowichan Valley that has closed and the uniforms donated to NEF.  We also gave out toothpaste donated from Warmland Dentistry in Duncan.  The Watkins donated money for the painting of the school and for some desks. We were lucky to make it up to the village as the roads are dangerous as there is a nationwide strike and even tourists vehicles have been attacked.  We started work at this school three years ago when the old school was literally falling down and actually one classroom did collapse with children in it but fortunately no one was hurt.  Lori and Jay Pollock of Duncan also helped by having a fundraiser in Duncan for the school and also visited last year.

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