Nepal Education Fund

Last week Mann visited Pokhara and went to Kristi village.  We had a donation for cement for the building of the new rooms for the school.  They were just starting to demolish the last room of the old building which was the office.  We had a donation of children’s books from Orca Books in Victoria but forgot to take them with us when I visited so Mann went to deliver them.  This school had no books so they were very happy and excited to receive these.  The photo was taken in the new room that NEF paid to have painted.  They are hoping to start the new building in the summer when they have rain which will supply water for the cement and they use the stone from the mountain.

Mann also went to Gunjara to see how the new roof was coming along.  Part of it is done and they are continuing to work to get it finished before the rain.
He was also busy finishing all the school registrations.  So the new school year has begun and all children are registered.  We just have two new sponsors to match which will complete this year’s roster of children. 

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